Meet The Team: We’re all here to help you!


Our teaching staff is comprised of an international group of qualified, early childhood educators, many of whom are long-term residents in Cambodia.

Selecting certified, experienced teachers is a crucial aspect of our mission. Our international teachers and interns are selected after a rigorous vetting process. Special focus is given to their background experience, clear spoken English, and ability to communicate with and inspire young children. All are required to uphold our strict Child Protection policies, and to conduct themselves in a manner that is culturally respectful. We require all of our teachers to:

1. Hold a degree

2. Sign and adhere to strict Child Protection policies.

3. Have a valid police background check from their home country.

4. Hold all legal documents requiring them to reside and work in Cambodia.

To ensure your child is receiving the very best care we have to offer, DK Schoolhouse provides it’s teachers with:

First Aid training and certification.  Specialized pedagogical training.

Ongoing professional development.  Interactive “training days” with a supervisor in class.

Ms. Thida

Ms. Lita

Ms. Lita is a Bachelor degree holding educator with over 5 years experience specializing in Music & Arts and primary physical education. ...

Mr. Marc

K2 Homeroom Teacher
Say hello to Mr. Marc! Mr. Marc hails from South Africa and has been living in Cambodia with his family for many ...

Ms. Audrea

Ms. Audrea is an accredited teacher who finished her degree in Bachelor of Arts in English and studied units of Masters of ...

Ms. Sivorn

Ms. Sreyny

Ms. Sopheap

Ms. Sokhun

Mr. Chad

Mr. Chad is DK Schoolhouse’s Grade 1 teacher. He grew up in the United States of America and moved to Phnom Penh ...

Mr. Sean

G3 Teacher
Meet Mr Sean! Sean is from South Africa and has been living and working in Cambodia for the past 3 years. Prior ...

Mr. Matt

School Principal
Principal Matthew Lyon is from Birmingham in the UK, and is a fully qualified Child Protection Social Worker who has been working ...

Coach Andy

Sports Coach

Ms. Heang

Ms. Evelyn

Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Rita

Say hello to Ms. Rita! An experienced and passionate, professionally trained and certified to Early Years teacher. Ms. Rita creates an excellent ...

Ms. Gladys

Ms. Gladys is a Professional Licensed Teacher and certified Early Childhood Educator with TESOL certification and over 5 years teaching experience in ...

Ms. Morokot

Meet Ms. Morkokot! A Teacher Assistant passionate about providing a fun and enjoyable learning experience for the children in her care. Ms. ...

Ms. Dina

Head TA Campus A
Ms. Dina has been working with EY’s and Primary students for the past 8 years at various educational institutions. She is also ...

Khmer Primary Teachers

Khmer Primary Teachers
Meet our Khmer Primary team! All of our Khmer Primary school teachers are licensed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. ...

Mr. Trey

Grade 4 Teacher
Mr. Trey is DK Schoolhouse’s Grade 4 teacher. He has been working in the educational field for over 14 years and has ...