Our preschool and kindergarten programs set the foundation for your child’s academic journey. Using a combination of Scandinavian based learning concepts, American accredited language programs and teacher directed play-based activities, children are quick to begin communicating, interacting and developing practical life skills. Our four main avenues of learning include:


Through arts and crafts, your child will learn to express his or her imagination. Many class activities are centered around cultural studies, with a special focus given to Cambodian culture. Our older students frequently engage in group art projects that require team work and cooperation. We strongly promote the use of recycled materials and encourage students to think of ways to repurpose items in their artwork. Our younger students enjoy tactile art in their daily schedule.

Puppets, clay, ooblek, and edible finger paints are an example of some of the art tools we use in class


Your child will encounter materials used for developing fine (small) and large (gross) motor skills throughout school. The use of “sensory baskets” in preschool and kindergarten introduces children to a variety of cognitive activities, and include materials designed to engage the 5 senses such as sorting, matching, feeling, pouring, tasting and smelling.


Various props and materials are set up in each classroom to be used for free play (older students) and guided creative play (younger students.) We provide realistic practical life toys for children to practice skill building as they rotate through each center. Creative play stations include house- keeping, a dental hygiene station, kitchen and a doctor’s office. Children enjoy expanding our creative play corners by providing special toys, personal items and keepsakes from home specific days assigned for home integration, or show and tell.


DK Schoolhouse is passionate about instilling a love of literacy in children from a very young age. Our entire preschool program is built around this foundation.

Aside from our expansive library, pictures and story books are placed around school and used during dramatic play and story time. This method helps children learn to connect stories with their personal experiences, put occurrences in sequences, and predict events. As children go through our primary program, they begin to delve deeper into the structure of books and stories. We host tri-yearly literacy festivals where students work in collaborative groups to present and perform plays, write poetry, design storybooks and showcase their literary talent.


Help us expand our library. Have you got extra books at home that you seldom use? Or do you feel like contributing to your child’s reading journey by purchasing a few books? Contact the office to see what’s needed, or arrange a book drop off for our library.


Regular physical activity helps your child progress in a range of different ways. Not only does it help their physical health, but it also helps improve their brain function and emotional well being. Children need periods of frequent physical activity through out the day, and we make sure to provide just that with our play facilities. DK Schoolhouse has two separate play spaces designed for the varying ages and skill levels of our young learners.

Outdoor Play Areas

Regular physical activity helps your child develop in a range of different ways. Not only does it help their physical health, but it also helps improve their brain function and emotional well being. Children need a period of frequent physical activity through out the day, and we make sure to provide just that with our play facilities. DK Schoolhouse has a huge swimming pool and many flotation and water play devices for safe water play. Our sandbox spans over 7 meters with sand imported directly from the coast of Kampot. Each campus has a seperately designed space with play equipment deisgned to help children engage with each other, at the same time develop their dexerity, balance and awareness of others while playing. Aside from each classes daily recess periods, we also offer a wide range of P.E. activities, swim classes, soccer and dance as after school classes. PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN PLAYGROUD (PHOTO?) The preschool playground is located on the ground floor of DK Schoolhouse, and is open from 8:00am each morning. A large stretch of turf grass provides areas for running, group games and assembly activities for all students. Our play facilities are custom built and purchased to give children the opportunity for free choice, gross motor activities and creative play. Our kinder playground has a large pool, bicycles and three wheeled toys, an outdoor kitchen set up and a sandpit. Many of the structures that are set up on the playground have been created by our DK Schoolhouse teachers, and are continually evaluated for safety and upgrades. Teacher’s and teacher aids are with your children at all times during recess and outdoor play. NOTE: There are no staff on the playground before 8:00am. Please be sure to notify our team if dropping off your child early so that proper supervision can be given. PRIMARY PLAYGROUND (PHOTO) The big playground is located on our rooftop and is open for 1st – 6th graders at 8:30am each morning. This playground is set up like an obstacle course and has been completely custom made with sourced local and recycled materials. Different obstacle course features, a climbing wall, a large soccer pitch, tire swings and rope climbing make this a prominent feature of our Schoolhouse. The rooftop playground is completely secured with fencing and available for student use only under the supervision of a teacher or teacher aid. Students are taught to use equipment properly, practice good sportsmanship, respect the environment, play fair, follow playground procedures and return equipment to proper areas. IMPORTANT: Please remember that we do not have supervision for students after school. This is a safety concern and we need your cooperation in collecting your child on time.