Nursery gently introduces children to school life in a relaxed and playful environment. Children are exposed to a variety of activities which stimulate early learning in areas such as:

Listening, following, fine/gross motor skills, and creativity

Students are encouraged to explore and develop at their own pace and learn to share, participate in group play, manage themselves and their belongings. Some of our routine class sessions include: music and movement, water play, sensory centers, socializing, puppets and drama. Teachers assume a guidance role and help to provide choices and structure during learning periods.


Your student will benefit greatly during their K-1 and K-2 experience with Ms. Lolita and Ms. Gladys as their teachers.

Because Kindergarten is a crucial learning period for children, we seek to provide students with an environment which nurtures learning through fun and creativity. Throughout their year in Kindy, children participate in hands-on activities surrounding thematic units which cover social topics such as: “The World Around Us” “Health & Safety” and “Emotions.”

Thematic units give children the opportunity to grow in areas such as critical thinking and problem solving, sharing and team working, identifying thoughts and feelings. To develop skill in vocabulary, reading, writing and mathematics; teachers use a variety of activities which incorporate drawing, quantity recognition, read-alouds and daily phonics sessions.

Primary 1-3

The students begin to leave childhood; their maturity and academic skills continue to develop as they enter the next phase of personal growth

They will build upon the fundamentals learned in previous years to master the Math and English skills of this learning phase. They will be introduced to scientific ideas, world history and gain an appreciation of art.

Fun will continue to be a part of the learning experience as they should be excited to learn. This translates into lessons where collaboration and teamwork enhance the student’s understanding through games and goal oriented projects.

Primary 4-6


This is the age where your child opens a new page and begins to leave childhood behind. Their maturity and academic skills continue to develop as they enter this next phase of personal growth. Students will build upon the fundamentals learned in previous grades to master the Math and English skills needed for these classes. They will be introduced to more complex scientific ideas, world history and economics. They will also gain an appreciation of different arts. As with all classes, having fun is crucial and will continue to be a part of your child’s learning experience in middle school. Your child will be working collaboratively with his or her peers and teacher throughout the year to broaden their understanding of the class syllabus and common core learning objectives.

Watch one of our 5th Grade students present how and why he uses our MRT scratch coding program here!

Remedial classes

Our remedial programs are designed to help close the gap between what a student knows, and what they are expected to know for their grade level. They are focused primarily around reading and mathematical skills. Before your child is enrolled in school, they will be given a placement exam to determine their level and suitability for class. Our placement advisors will discuss what and how much remedial learning may be needed in your child’s initial months at school. Depending on the subject and length of time, remedial lessons may come at an additional cost.

OUR REMDIAL CLASSES Are research based, using proven teaching methods. Teach your child the material in different ways from the way they were taught previously. Are conducted at the students’ developmental pace and ability Are revised and built on in consultation with your child’s teacher and the class syllabus.


Actively engaging in your child’s learning is crucial to their academic success. Please ensure you have an updated class timetable and are helping your child with homework and other support learning content provided by their teacher.