Our Mission and Values

DK Schoolhouse is a Scandinavian-style preschool, kindergarten, and lower primary school from Denmark for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. For older students and our graduating kindergarten class, we offer primary 1-6. We were excited to induct our initial Primary 6 class, during the 2021-22 Academic year. These students have been with DK Schoolhouse since the start of their formal education, and we are proud to have guided them to this point. Our wonderful schoolhouse is located in the heart of Phnom Penh’s embassy district with convenient parking and secured drop-off zones. All classes are conducted in English by our international team of teachers.


With learning methods developed by long-time residents of the Kingdom, DK Schoolhouse adapts Western modules of learning and presents them in a culturally appropriate manner.

We hold to the belief that:

“Each child who comes through our doors joins a community of children, teachers and parents engaged in the joy, work and wonder of childhood.”

We focus on

  • Building a community through close involvement with our parents and families.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and literacy


Community Focus

DK Schoolhouse actively promotes Cambodian culture study and awareness of the community and local environment. Through play-based experiences, children learn compassion, how to identify with the feelings of others and be concerned for the world around them.


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

At our schoolhouse we provide children with an assortment of materials, which promote problem solving skills. Hands-on activities introduce children to foundational concepts of measurement, shapes and quantities. Routine activities are used to reinforce math concepts introduced throughout the study period.

Communication and Literacy

We encourage children to ask questions and express themselves verbally. Children are supported in vocabulary building and foundation writing through daily class discussion and guided drawing periods. Class discussions help children learn to listen to others and articulate their own thoughts and feelings.


Art Corners: Through arts and crafts, children learn to express their feelings and imagination. Many craft activities are centered around Cambodian culture. Modeling, shaving cream and home-made finger paint are some examples of art tools used in class.

Sensory Corners: Children encounter materials used for developing fine (small) and large (gross) motor skills throughout school. The use of “Sensory Baskets” introduces children to a variety of cognitive activities and includes materials for sorting, matching, feeling, pouring, building, tasting and smelling.

Creative Play Corner: Various props and materials are provided to stimulate the imagination during play periods. Children enjoy expanding our creative play corner by providing special toys, personal items and keepsakes from home.

Story Corners: DK Schoolhouse is committed to instilling a love of literacy in children from a very young age. Picture and story books are placed around school and used during dramatic play and story time. This method helps children learn to connect stories with their personal experiences, put occurrences in sequence and predict events.


Our Classes:
Nursery (18 months – 2 Years)
PREK-1 (Ages 2-3 years)

PREK-2 (Ages 3-4)

KINDY-1 (Ages 4-5)

KINDY-2 (Ages 5-6)


GRADE 1 (Ages 6-7)

Our NURSERY program is for children aged 18 months – 2 years. Children at this age are just starting to develop their vocabulary and test out their independence. We use sensory activities and small-group experiences to help children explore, build social skills and learn about their environment. Singing, dancing and messy play are the highlights of our day!

Special Highlight: PREK-1 (Ages 2-3 years)

Small hands are always busy exploring in the 2-3 years old class! The PREK-1 learning environment is designed for exploration and discovery. Our curriculum incorporates activities that help children communicate and develop basic fine and gross motor skills. Painting, action songs, snack time and Playdough are some of our top favorite activities.

Special Highlight: PREK-2 (Ages 3-4)

PREK-2 is the last preschool class before Kindergarten! Developing problem solving & social skills is a major aspect of our PREK-2 curriculum. We work with children to develop self-awareness, effective communication and resiliency. Activities in this class incorporate counting and per-reading / writing. Dinosaur stories, puzzles & pretend play are just some of the many fun activities our PREK friends enjoy.

Special Highlight: KINDY-1 (Ages 4-5)

Welcome to KINDERGARTEN! Our Kindergarten class is divided into two levels (4-5, and 5-6) and is designed to give children a strong foundation to prepare them for formal learning at grade levels. In KINDY-1, students rotate through a mix of free-choice, and teacher-directed activities throughout the day. Beginner writing, reading practice and hands-on math are introduced. Cooking, clay modeling & relay-races are a few ways we have fun in Kindy-1.

Special Highlight: KINDY-2 (Ages 5-6)

The second level of our Kindergarten program, KINDY-2 is the last class before Grade 1! In KINDY-2 students carry on KINDY-1 learning concepts of daily reading, emergent writing and hands-on math theories. KINDY-2 also enjoys science experiments and weekly social studies topics, crossword puzzles, beading, Lego building and completing obstacle courses are the top activity picks in KINDY-2.


Newest Addition: Grade 6

Extracurricular programs: (currently on hiatus due to COVID 19)

We offer:

  •  introduction to cooking and kitchen skills (Master Chef)
  •  Dance and musical interpretation
  •  Khmer language immersion (FREE)
  •  Soccer with our partner’s from Elite Soccer Asia.


Field Trips

DK Schoolhouse hosts 3 field trips per year, collaborating with our local business partners. Some of our most recent field trips have included a VIP movie screening, a visit to a local dairy farm and a restaurant trip including meal prep. In addition to our field trips we also host visits and ‘show and tell’ days from local community helpers like dentists, the fire department and health clinic.


Holidays and Event:

We include a wide variety of events and celebrations to give children a rich multi- cultural experience. Khmer New Year, Christmas, Earth Day, Chinese New Year, International Mother and Father’s day and tri-annual school parties are just some of the events we offer.

Snacks and Mealtimes:

School lunches are catered using fresh ingredients and delivered to school each day. Our meals are free from MSG additives and chemicals. We teach children to be informed of healthy eating choices from a young age, and work closely with parents to ensure children are eating a nutritious, balanced diet. We do not ‘force’ children to eat, nor spoon feed children above the age of 2. Instead, we use positive reinforcement and encourage independence with their eating process.

School snacks include seasonal fruit, crackers and yogurt. Parents can sign up for our full-cream milk package from ARLA, Denmark for just $20 USD per month.

Children who purchase the school snack package also enjoy making their own snack once a week.


Health and Safety

  • We maintain a sanitary setting to prevent the spread of illness
  • All our staff receive ongoing first aid training & accident prevention.
  • We have a fully stocked infirmary and an on-call nurse.
  • Keeping children AT HOME when they are sick or under the weather.
  • Children do not enjoy their day at school when they are sick, and are at the risk of spreading illness to others.
  • Children who have a communicable disease (lice, chicken pox, mumps,) must remain at home until they are symptom free.

Please check the parent handbook for more information on our health policies.