Our way of teaching

Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary

“Each child who comes through our doors joins a community of teachers and students engaged in the joy, work and wonder of childhood.”

"Danish / Cambodian school "



Scandinavian structure

Building your child’s character

Our curriculum is uniquely designed to help build upon the positive character traits of each student. Accredited programs and bespoke learning experiences are tailored to students’ individual needs.

Every child comes with a unique personality and skill set, and our team works closely with your child to ensure their specific needs are met. Or goal is to create young learners who appreciate their individuality and understand their role in the wider school community.

We don't adopt arbitrary learning standards or assessments and instead focus on development in a broader sense. We promote values such as autonomy, collaboration and play as a part of learning.


Faculty staff

Our team of international teachers are selected after a vigorous vetting process. We believe that in order to provide the best service to your child, teachers must be 100% committed to their roll in our student’s education. Special emphasis is given to the following 5 key areas:

Special emphasis is given to the following 4 key areas:

Academic experience and credentials

Clear spoken and written English.

Ability to communicate, with and inspire young learners

Experience in safety, emergency and hygiene procedures



Skill building

As your child progresses through each class, they will foster and develop key skills such as:

Building resiliency

Mastering critical thinking and problem-solving techniques

Communication and literacy

Independence and self-awareness

Empathy and concern for those around them

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Because your child's well-being is our priority

Office Manager

Thank you DK Schoolhouse for making learning so fun and for helping my boy. He comes home from school each day happy and never forgets to do his homework. We really appreciate your school and have nothing but positive things to say about the DK Schoolhouse team. Thank you to all for making school something my child looks forward to attend.

Ms. Bo, Mother of B, age 6.

The staff and the team at DK Schoolhouse have been an inspiration to my kids and have helped them learn so much. I think I have never felt so much close attention from the staff than I have at DK Schoolhouse. The teachers are experienced and spend a lot of time helping the children become happy at school and are very friendly with everyone. My kids love going to school, especially to swim and for show and tell days. Whenever we have a holiday they always ask to go to school! Cambodia.

Ms. Laousy, Mother of Y, age 3 ½.

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Happy Children

Happy parents